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Wed 8.30-4pm, Fri 8.30-12.30pm, Home Visits by Arrangement

Surgery Appointments
A standard 30 minute appointment allows time to provide all routine treatment, including initial assessment of new clients and annual diabetic foot assessments.

All regular padding and dressings are included in the fee. Some additional products will be charged for as necessary.


Prices from 1 April 2023 to 31 March 2024

30 minute clinic appointment – £40.00

Home Visits
Individual visit £50.00

Two people at same address – £90.00

There will be an inflationary annual increase to these fees from 1st April.

Nail Surgery
£300.00 for one toe.

£350.00 for two toes.

All post-op dressings and follow-up appointments are included in this cost

Foot Care Products
There is a wide range of foot care products available for purchase at the clinic, including creams, foot files, non-damaging nail polishes, and padding devices. Other items can be ordered as required.

Advice will be given as to which products will be most suitable for your particular needs.

Insoles and Orthoses
Chairside devices £20 - 25.00 per pair

Permanent semi-bespoke orthoses from around £60.00

Casted (fully bespoke) orthoses from £200.00.